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5 Reasons Why Anime is So Addictive

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5 Reasons Why Anime is So Addictive

Only an ignorant would relate anime to cartoons. Also, if one says that anime is for children, then I’m a child, you’re a child, and all the fans around the world are children.

Nearly a decade ago, people didn’t know much about anime. Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, and Pokemon were a few anime series people had watched. Other than these, there was hardly an anime they could name.

However, the pandemic increased the consumption of online content. And anime masterpieces stole the limelight. Now children, teens, adults, and elders, everyone loves anime. Also, anime perfectly fits the quote “Art has no borders”.

Nevertheless, we will answer how and why anime became so famous. The purpose of this article revolves around finding reasons that make anime in demand. So, without further delay, let’s get to the point.

Suitable Content: 

Seems like every producer in Japan is making an anime series. Nowadays, anime is produced on a massive scale in Japan. It’s almost impossible not to find a suitable series for yourself. However, this mass production may have dipped the quality. But anime like One Piece, Death Note, and Boruto keep the confidence alive.

Mass Availability: 

Finding any anime series is like a walk in the park. Almost every series is available online. As a result, people consume it rather ferociously. Not only this, streaming platforms such as Netflix made the availability of anime easier than ever.

Now, all people have to do is search for the series. Most platforms screen anime, owing to its high demand. This mass availability of anime around the globe has surely contributed to its quick success.

However, most anime series are quite addictive. Most people binge-watch an anime series and jump on to the next one. Also, if you’re planning to binge-watch anime this weekend, you can with Optimum’s connection

We know how difficult it is to watch anything online these days. Connection outrages have increased manifolds in recent years. So, binge-watching anything would require a top-notch connection. A connection that won’t buffer or lag the anime series.

For this reason, there’s no better alternative than Optimum. With their seamless connectivity, you can watch any anime series you want. Moreover, millions of free hotspot zones around the country allow you to stay connected on the go.

To find out more, you can visit Optimum’s website. Also, they’re providing support to Spanish customers via Optimum en español.

The Language Barrier: 

Anime creators soon realized that the content needed to be multilingual to get recognition around the globe. Although they didn’t make anime in English or any other language, subtitles are available in every language.

With subtitles, people can connect with the series on a deeper level. Although some anime like Naruto and Dragon Ball Z have been translated into different languages, that’s not possible for every anime.

Role of Social Media: 

You may have seen 15-20 secs fan-edits about anime characters on social media. Such short videos are so captivating that we look for the anime series. The next thing we find ourselves doing is watching that anime series.

With advancing appeal on social media, it has become easier to navigate our interests. Like e-commerce businesses, anime has taken full advantage of growing social media apps.

Relatable Storylines: 

No anime is illogical like most cartoons. Every series has a deep, rich history on which the story is based. For example, Naruto is an orphan kid with a beast trapped inside him. Due to this very reason, he is loathed by most. 

However, he’s free of any guilt and wants to become a Hokage. See, that’s how great stories are shaped in anime. Showing a character’s constant struggle, his love for people, and overcoming the atrocities allows the audience to relate and connect to the story.

Also, great supporting characters in anime have contributed to its success. Most anime span over different years before conclusion. So, the directors have plenty of time to build each character’s role and fans seem to like it. 

Again, take the example of Naruto. Some fans love Sasuke or Itachi more than Naruto. Simply because both characters had a great storyline, full of struggles and sacrifices.

Moreover, unlike others, anime series don’t revolve around fighting the common enemy aiming to destroy everything. Many anime are based on real-life problems like countering PSTD, mental illness, finding life’s purpose, and constant struggles in life. This variety of topics has surely enabled people to show more affection for anime series.

Bottom Line: 

Watching anime is addictive. For all the reasons above, it becomes impossible for one to leave it. Moreover, with more and more series coming out, die-hard fans can’t miss a single episode. It’s better than watching pointless movies and shows because anime always teaches a lesson for life.



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